Colin Rinaker.

After stealing my parents JVC hi-8 camera I've been hooked. From shooting short "films" in junior high, to creating movies for Honors Biology in High School, I haven't stopped creating. 

At Indiana University I majored in Telecommunications with a focus on design and production. My documentary "When The Curtain Falls" won Indiana's coveted Multivisions Media Showcase. I now live in Brooklyn, New York. I continue to do what I am passionate about. I have shot on films, television and commercials. My goal, when it comes to my work is to "get the shot." And as cliche as that sounds, it's what makes me excited to come to work each day. Crafting, executing and capturing the moment when everything is perfect. 

Have a look at my website. You will see samples of my work and my credit list, along with how to contact me. Thanks.